Thursday 26 Apr 2018
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John 6:49 -50

Your forefathers ate the manna in the desert, yet they died. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which a man may eat and not die.


Prayer the key to the kingdom treasures

Sunday, 04 March 2012 22:24 Bolaji 'Theo' Douglas
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Pray continually……for this is the will of God for you – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

The importance of prayers in the life of the citizens of the Kingdom cannot be stressed enough, as it is one of the important spiritual exercises and tradition that was handed down to the citizens to engage in.

The call for the citizens of the kingdom to pray is not an optional one and I need to stress this simple truth. Just as paying taxes is not an optional requirement for the citizens of a nation, it must be stressed, that such is the role of prayer in the life of the citizens of God’s kingdom. Every society, community, nation or kingdoms have certain ways of doing things and those who aspire to live peacefully and have a prosperous life in such communities must learn how to incorporate these traditions and principles into their way of life.

Therefore as believers who have been delivered into God’s kingdom we need to also understand what the principles of the kingdom are and learn to live by them. We need this order for us to live a happy and prosperous life in the kingdom. This is one of the reasons why it is not enough to be contented that we are in the kingdom but we must also pursue vigorously the knowledge of the principles of the kingdom.

Nothing happens by accident in this kingdom and prayer remains an essential key that contributes towards making things happen. Prayer is an essential tool that every citizen of the kingdom must arm themselves with if they are to live up to the standard that is required of them. Just as it would be hard to survive without air and food, those who have come into the kingdom of God would struggle to survive without prayer and the word of God.

The call to devote ourselves to prayers as citizens of the kingdom is therefore a call to arm ourselves with what we need to thrive in the kingdom. A believer who does not pray has rendered himself weak, he remains weak as long as he perceives prayer as an exercise he can do without. A believer that does not pray is spiritually lazy and the picture of how laziness leads to ruin should be enough to imprint on the minds of the citizens of the kingdom what such a believer is doing to himself.

As citizens of God’s kingdom on earth we have been called into fellowship with the Godhead, this fellowship is very much dependent upon our ability to commune with him and as such, our ability to communicate with him is very important and crucial. It is important because we need this exercise in order to maintain a healthy relationship with him. Our ability to thrive, prosper and enjoy the benefits which living in the kingdom delivers us into is hugely dependent on our ability to nurture this line of communication. And what is this line or channel of communication you may ask? The answer is Prayer.

If as believers we agree that our lives are solely dependent on God and if as born again believers we confess that the life we now live we do through our union with Christ and have indeed died to self as a result, then we need to understand also the need why we must know all about the means through which we stay in touch with him. These claims are baseless or at best deceptive if we do not imbibe the attitude of communicating with God, they are baseless because the question need be asked how, do we sustain such an intricate and intimate dependency?

Prayer is the avenue or channel through which the citizens of God’s kingdom here on earth and the God not only commune with one another; it is also the channel through which they reach an agreement about establishing the will of God here on earth. Through prayers and supplication, the will of the man who is the image of God on earth comes under the will of his maker; through prayers, he submits his will to his maker, in order that the will of his maker might be established through him.

If you are still wondering why as citizens of the Kingdom prayer is an essential ingredient needed for survival, then take a look at this list of the many reasons why as citizens of the kingdom we cannot do without it.

  • He wants us to pray that His will become established in our lives and in our world.
  • He wants us to pray for the world around us.
  • He wants us to pray for all men, that they may come to God’s salvation.
  • He wants us to pray for those in authority that we may live a peaceable life.
  • It is through prayers that we bring our request before God, not through murmuring or grumbling.
  • It is through prayers that we seek redress from wrongs that is perpetrated against us, not by vengeance.
  • He wants us to pray when all is well so that we might be spared from evil.
  • He wants us to pray when we don’t know what to do, so that he can give us his counsel.
  • He wants us to pray in times of need so that he might reveal and bless the areas of our needs.
  • He wants us to pray because through prayers we receive strength, illumination, edification and counsel.
  • He wants us to pray continually, because through prayers we commune with him, we fellowship with him, and we get to know him better.
  • He wants us to pray continually because Prayer is the key that unlocks the mysteries of our fellowship with him and the plans he has for our lives.
  • He wants us to pray because it is the channel through which every good thing he has for us flows into our lives.

In the light of this , what should be the attitude of the citizens of the kingdom to prayer?

Devote yourself to prayers being watchful and thankful – Colossians 4:2

Carefully spelt out above is the attitude that is demanded of every citizen of the country, we must devote ourselves to prayers, we must cultivate a healthy life of prayers, being watchful and thankful in the process. As citizens of the kingdom we must arm ourselves with this time tested , result oriented, priceless tool for survival in the kingdom. Without it we deny ourselves an essential needed to thrive in the kingdom.


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