Friday 23 Mar 2018
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Psalm 1: 2-3

Blessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, Nor stands in the path of sinners, Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.

About Us!

About the Ministry

The ministry recognises that the spiritual food that every believer needs to thrive and survive in their walk of faith is the sure word of God. Still talking about the word of God, the ministry without any shred of doubt believes that both the revealed and inspired word of God remains a very essential part of the believer's life, to feed and to build him up in his most treasured faith. While faith comes through the hearing of the word, the path of faith walk is illuminated by the word; the strength to travel the path is given by the word and the compass that enables the believer to stay on the path without getting lost remains the word, the word of God.

Where both the revealed and the inspired words of God are missing, believers are not only starved of the spiritual nourishment and the strength that these words give, but they are also thrown into darkness as well. Their way is darkened and it becomes difficult if not impossible to remain on the sure path upon which they set out on the pilgrimage into faith. The path of faith becomes slippery as a result of the darkness that engulfs them; this is darkness of ignorance, such ignorance that puts the victims under another form of bondage.

The ministry believes that the bible contains the revealed word of God; the ministry also believes that God still gives inspired messages attested to, by His revealed word. As a ministry we believe that both the inspired and the revealed words of God must agree with one another leaving no room for contradiction, for God can never go against himself, nor can He overrule himself. Both the revealed and inspired words must corroborate each other and both must bear witness to one another.

The mandate of the ministry is to reconcile believers once again to the revealed will of God for them, through the living word of God. We aim to do this under the inspiration of the spirit, by removing the complexities and the veil that has masked and become a stumbling block which prevents fus from being able to come into the empowerment which God freely made available to every believer, through the uncomplicated yet powerful message that he sent to us all via the Word.

As a ministry we do not claim to have all the answers, for God reveals in part and gives on as need basis. But we do believe that God has given us the message and would continue to entrust to us as a ministry, more of his words to enable us serve the various spiritual needs of our readers. We believe that He has called us as a ministry to fulfil certain needs in the life of those whom He has apportioned to be nurtured and fed through the teachings of this ministry.

It is therefore our prayers that God would back every message that He entrusts to us with the power of his might, such that none of his word will fall to the ground. It is also our prayers that the Lord will make your journey into knowing him a fulfilling and rewarding one, that He will bring you into that place in him where your joy would be full, your peace guaranteed and your soul satisfied through the knowledge of Christ our Lord and Saviour Amen.


About Bolaji Theo Douglas

The call to use what God has given as a gift and which He now demands be put to use has become so overwhelming such that it has become impossible for him to keep on pushing off his date with destiny. A former professional footballer from his native country Nigeria but now resident inIreland, the man would simply describe himself as 'A man whose cherished desire is to serve God in whatever capacity he's been called and to be found to have pleased the One who called in the process' . A Software Engineer by profession but a passionate, Holy Spirit filled Teacher and Minister of the Word, he takes great delight in using his gift of writing to make the Word of God as revealed in the Scriptures, become more relevant and applicable to the day to day life of every believer. Married to Carolyn and blessed with two boys Patrick and Kevin, in addition to two girls Matilda and Niamh, he has managed to retain his love for football, and could still be seen battling away on the field every Saturday morning with the lads.

He currently fellowships with his family at the Drogheda Presbyterian Church in Drogheda Ireland.